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Earth Laughs in Flowers

So assignment 3 on colour is in—done and dusted—in my tutor’s hands. Relief that I had submitted before I saw this post on Wicked Halo. It would have had me rethinking my whole approach! Together with a series of still-life arrangements reflecting the cycle of life, David LaChapelle has done the seasons—in a fabulous, intricate, colourful way that so appeals. [All images via Wicked Halo]

Painterly effect in some—similar feel to Lynn Collin’s Trespasser series, although much more vivid. Strong colour is part of LaChapelle’s style—in the images I have seen anyway. Inclusion of pop-culture junk allows him to pass comment on society. His images say something—ultimately I would like my images to do so too. I like the concept of still-life, and there seems to be a swing back to it at the moment—series of articles in March BJP—”Art as Object’.

Going to make my first little attempt at basic still-life and story-telling in assignment 4—but much more to come slowly over my studies—not going to take on too much in my first attempt especially since the experience of assignment 3 still lingers. So they will be nothing like this at all—just one doll and a few props! And maybe some smoke too!

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