More prep for street details

Still contemplating what to do for assignment 2. Think some form of street–research today–Joel Meyerowitz, David Gibson, Thomas Leuthard, Siegfried Hansen and Erik Kim.

Joel Meyerowitz video was interesting and informative. He bobs and weaves a lot more than I think is possible for me, but liked his style and his explanations. [Have just rewatched the video a couple of months later [assignment 2 nearly complete], and I see so much more in it now. Seems to be a recurring story for me, read it or watch about it, then go out and do it, come back and read again and then understand so much more.]

David Gibson has an incredible eye; and a very clever sense of humour. I like that in street photography. The ability to see comical moments that will make the viewer smile, without necessary compromising the dignity of his subject. Found his gallery on which is a site for street photography. my advice is don’t go there, unless you have a couple of hours to spare…so much to see! Also his website here.

Thomas Leuthard had a few presentations and e-books that I have downloaded and read. Quite a few useful links bookmarked. Idea is to focus on street details, using the design elements as a backdrop to main theme. Needs more development though.

Watched some videos by Leuthard on his You Tube channel on his flash street photography—particularly his ‘Flash these Faces‘ and ‘Flash these Faces 2‘ videos; and read his comments on his blog here and here. Find some of it as brash as Bruce Gelden’s when he works with flash and is really up close to his subjects. This is not how I understand street photography. I know I would be affronted if someone flashed me up as close as he does. Maybe street is changing, maybe we have to be onto the next big thing? Interesting, it does seem to be the ‘next big thing’ like people have got tired of/or lost interest in street photography as an art of observation; and feel the need to intervene, to capture a shot which is a reaction to their capturing the shot?

Also found some interesting links—Eric Kim Photography and Nuwomb, where the posts seem in awe of what Leuthard is doing. The post at Nuwomb is actually entitled ‘Grow balls like Thomas Leuthard’. [Since watched a video where Eric Kim emulates the Thomas Leuthard approach and they ran workshops together, so his apparent endorsement of Leuthard may not have been as transparent as I had initially presumed.

Eric Kim—prolific street photography. Not sure how much of his work will be revered in years to come, but seems to be making a pretty good living out of his workshops. His blog is a good resource—loads of useful information there. Like Thomas Leuthard  above, he has ventured into the flash street photography aspect (video); but he got loads of negative feedback; and did an explanatory video as a follow-up. Interesting article on Bruce Gilden on his blog.

Siegfried Hansen—first became aware of his photography in the August 2011 Professional Photographer magazine. Was also the first time that I became aware of privacy laws in France and Germany!

What I really like about his photography is his use of shadows and lines; and how he frames his images so that he does not fall foul of the German privacy laws.

photographers I need to look at

Not an exhaustive list, but will have to get round to looking at the work of these photographers some time in the future. It need not/will not all be done for this assignment; but will look when I get a chance!

  • Eugene Atget
  • Andre Kertesz
  • Brassai
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • Helen Levitt
  • Elliot Erwitt
  • Robert Doiseneau
  • Weegee
  • Robert Frank
  • William Klein
  • Roy Decarava
  • Gary Winograd
  • Lee Friedlander
  • Phillip-Lorca diCorcia
  • Jeff Mermelstain
  • Bruce Gilden
some other useful street photography links

The links below are in no particular order or logic; just some of the places I visited whilst looking at street. Nor is it an exhaustive list of what I looked at—sometimes one just forgets to bookmark! Some sights may be referenced more than once if I find a page which I think is useful within the blog/website.

Eric Kim Street Photography
James Lomax
Masters of Photography—Weegee
Article on Arthur Fellig (Weegee)
Weegee, Tabloid Crime Photography and The Naked City
Invisible Photographer—Asia: 100 things I have learnt about street photography
Baby steps in street photography—Nuwomb
Beyond Phototips: Obvious Street Photography Tips
Severin Koller Photoblog
Yanidel Street Photography
Blake Andrews Blogspot
Blake Andrew’s ten street exercises
Street Reverb magazine
HCSP (Hardcore Street Photography) Flickr group
10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer
Helen Levitt Street Photographer You Tube
Helen Levitt (Atget Photography)
Vivian Maier
HMAB on Vivian Maier
Vivian Maier official website
LPV Magazine
Eric Kim: 101 Things I Have Learned about Street Photography
sevensevennine—Nick Turpin on street photography
Photowrap—online courses run by Mimi Mollica
London Street Photography Festival

  1. ST84Photo
    October 25, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Hi there Vicki, Thanks for sharing a link to ST84Photo Blog with your readers! I ran the Street Photography Now Project for The Photographers’ Gallery in 2010-2011, and this project has now been taken forward into a second year by the community itself, under the name Street Photography Now Community. I’ve also been posting interviews with the street photography collective, Seconds2Real, and have some more street photography interviews and posts lined up for the rest of the year. Some links you might find useful: – the project set up by The Photographers’ Gallery. The flickr groups have a lot of interesting discussions, and input from top photographers like Richard Kalvar, Mimi Mollica, and Nil Jorgensen. – the second year of this project, open for participation. each fortnight, participants are given an Instruction to go out and shoot to. The community is great at giving honest but careful feedback on submissions, and it’s a great way to improve your work.

    • vickim
      October 25, 2011 at 3:52 pm

      Hi Sarah Thanks for the additional links, I will add them to the post!!

  2. Susheel Chandradhas
    October 24, 2011 at 9:21 am

    Nice set of links there, especially to the photographers you’re following. Glad you found my post useful. - Susheel (Beyond Phototips)

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